The WFC Workout
The WFC Workout, The Proven World's Fittest Workout

The WFC Workout

To order the WFC Workout,
The Proven World’s Fittest & Best Workout
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Welcome to The WFC Workout, The Proven World’s Fittest and Best Workout, where you can train for 15 minutes a day, plus cardio and you can be in the best shape of your life. This Workout includes, the Monday – Wednesday – Friday Routine, the Tuesday – Thursday Routine, and a Saturday and Sunday Routine. It also has complete descriptions of each exercise and pictures of Rob Powell performing the start and finish of each exercise. One purchase, $20 and you can be fit for a lifetime.

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Rob gives you fitness tips, adventures, and previews of this workout program.

To purchase The WFC Workout for $20 email Rob at: