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Rob Powell (athlete)
Residence: Dry Creek, Waco, Texas USA
Website: The WFC Fitness Website

Rob Powell is an American football, track and field athlete, fitness and conditioning coach, martial artist and MMA Combatant/Consultant. He is the Four Time World Fitness Champion (WFC) and Four Time Guinness World Record Holder 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. Rob has over 150 different records in sports, fitness, and martial arts. He also has over 1,000 wins as an athlete and coach. These records and accomplishments by Rob Powell set in motion today’s lesser and safer events of multi-sport races, obstacle course races, and crossfit competitions.

For many years law enforcement officers, military elite, and MMA fighters have sought out Coach Powell in gyms, fitness centers and even public schools for martial arts training, conditioning and tactics training. He has also coached junior high, high school, college and professional athletes in several sports. With all these credentials Rob Powell created The WFC Workout, The Proven Worlds Fittest Workout, see for more details.

Media outlets internationally have called Rob Powell “The World’s Fittest Man” (a title once held by Bruce Lee), “The World’s Toughest Man”, “The Best Athlete in History” (since that is what world records measure), as well as “Pound for Pound the Strongest Athlete and Fighter in History”. Rob has also been called “The Best Personal Trainer and Conditioning Coach on the Planet”. When asked about all of this Rob laughed at it all and said, “That’s flattering, but that is the record keepers claims, not my claims, and how did they measure all of that?”.
Rob retired from competition in 2012, and still works with military, law enforcement, the public, athletes and occasionally teaches and coaches if you can find him.

Early life
Rob Powell grew up on a Ranch, in Dry Creek, Texas. Beginning his training at age 4, Rob is an avid martial artist.
Rob developed his own martial arts form, “Nok Beko”, which he has taught to elite military, law enforcement officers, and MMA fighters.
He graduated from W.H. Ford High School as well as South Plains College, and Texas Tech University.

Guinness World Records
There are specific rules and events for Guinness World Record set by Rob Powell. Powell’s Guinness World Records Consists of the Following and his World Records are unmatched in history:
2 Mile Swim
12 Mile Run
12 Mile Hike
1,250 Push Ups
1,250 Leg Lifts
1,250 Jumping Jacks
110 Mile Cycling
20 Mile Row
20 Mile Elliptical
3,250 Sit Ups
Lift 300,000 Pounds of Weight (upper body only)

October 27-28, 2001, 22:11:40 Shattering Joe Decker’s World Record.
October 26-27, 2002, 19:17:38 Shattering his own World Record by nearly 3 Hours.

The World Fitness Championship is:
2 Mile Swim
10 Mile Run
10 Mile Hike
500 Pop-Ups
500 Hanging Knee Lifts
100 Mile Cycle
20 Mile Row
20 Mile Elliptical
3,000 Crunches
300,000 Pounds Lifted
3. WFC 1, October 25-26, 2003, 18:36:15
4. WFC 2, October 30-31, 2004, 17:45:03

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