The Enterprise – China Spring

China Spring & Bosqueville, Texas, April 4, 2012

World Champion & World Record Holder offers Personal Training

It’s not often you get to meet a Four Time World Champion and Four Time World Record Holder, much less train with him. But it was my honor to do just that. Coach Rob Powell is that individual. It so happens Coach Powell is in our area for a short time and is offering personal training for a very reasonable fee of $40 per session.
Where else can you be trained by the best athlete and trainer in history for that price? Rob Powell has accomplished more in his life than you can imagine too lengthy to name here. But I will mention a few of his amazing feats. He is The Four Time World Fitness Champion and The Four Time WFC/Guinness World Record Holder. He also has over 150 Records in Spots, Fitness and MMA. He even has over 1000 Wins as an Athlete and Coach.

When you meet Coach Powell, he puts you at ease right away. His friendly, humble, demeanor emanates a positive and engaging presence that makes you feel like you have known him for many years. Given his accomplishments it would be easy for him to be different, but that’s just not who Rob Powell is.

This is hard to believe, because he is also a highly accomplished, expert Martial Artist teaching his skills to patrons including Elite Military Special Operations Soldiers and SWAT Team Police Officers. He has also trained male and female athletes from age twelve to professionals in fitness and conditioning for many sports. He even trains the civilian population, male and female up to seventy years old.

His training style varies based on the individual and is rated as the best ever by all the experts. That is another amazing feat in itself. I had the honor of being trained by Rob for two days. The Mon-Wed-Fri Routine and his Tue-Thurs Routine.

This is not some yelling, screaming and demeaning session I was afraid it was going to be. He was very kind, patient and motivating because he trained with me, showing me every exercise before I followed his lead. He only allowed me to do the number of reps that pushed me to slight exhaustion, but not to complete muscle failure. This allowed him to evaluate my level of fitness and set up my ultimate fitness goals. In other words, he didn’t allow me to push myself so I couldn’t comb my hair the next day. But I could tell I was doing the work and I looked forward to more work and not dreading it. This surprised me, because the workout was simple, fun and I wanted to go back for more because he let me go at my own pace.

Rob said, “It doesn’t help anyone to get worn out, sore and quit. A good trainer will make it simple, motivating and enjoyable for his clients.” He certainly did that for me and everyone he has trained that I have met.

Coach Rob Powell is a very positive, motivating and engaging personality. It is easy to see why he is the best personal trainer and fitness coach on the planet for anyone, male or female, athlete or spectator.

See his website at . Meeting and Training with Coach Rob Powell is an experience I am so glad I had and one I will never forget. It will be for you too. I cannot recommend Coach Rob Powell highly enough as your fitness and nutrition coach or personal trainer.