False Claims to the World Record

False Claims to the World Record

It just makes me feel sad and sick for them, but yes, there have been false claims to the World Record. About a dozen now, and these guys were all busted. One of these frauds own countrymen have apologized to me, and told me how he cheated. They call him, “a national embarrassment”, using my name and records for his false fame. They said he got out of prison and started lying about records so often for so long that he is starting to believe his own lies.

He claimed he wanted to compete in WFC 1 and WFC 2, and he was invited to compete numerous times by me personally. He said he was going to compete, but he never did. He talks good, but delivers nothing. He knows he’s way out of his league, and if he did compete against me he would be exposed as the fraud he is. Experts in the field, and those that witnessed his events agree, if he used the same standards, rules, events, and equipment, he would have not finished the competition in the time allowed.

All these frauds have admitted to NOT using the same standards, rules, events, equipment testing, proof, or any of the standards I followed. So what record are they claiming to have broken, if you are admitting it isn’t mine?

After my Second WFC/Guinness World Record in 2002 my record was renamed by Guinness, The Physical Fitness Challenge.
Guinness then asked me to write the rules and standards I followed for my WFC/Guinness World Records.
I did as they asked and sent it to them in December 2002. These rules, standards and events are the standard for the WFC World Records and Guinness World Records, Physical Fitness Challenge in 2001-2002.
The WFC World Records and the Original Guinness World Record Rules are and have been posted for all to see since 2002 on the Guinness WR Page of the WFC Fitness Website. If you hold the record, everyone else must abide by the same rules you followed. It’s just that simple.

Why would anyone have so little honor, that they would use faulty equipment measuring more miles than actually performed?
Or use a double pulley weight system, cutting the actual weight in half? Which is specifically against the rules.
Or change events, chop up events, short arm lifts, push ups, and other exercises? Which is specifically against the rules.
Or substitute 110, 20, 12, and 2 miles with 110, 20, 12, and 2 kilometers? Which is just plain lying and cheating.
It’s been reported and witnessed and video recorded by credible officials all these things were done by these frauds.
Again, how could anyone do these things just so they could claim a record? I suppose I answered my own question.

So following this logic the new Guinness “club record holder” is the one that can find the faultiest equipment, and cheat and lie the most. How sad for them and Guinness. So what record are you boys bragging about breaking again? It certainly wasn’t mine.
If Guinness allowed these far inferior “records” then why did they lower the standards for events, rules, equipment testing and proof? Because they can.

In 2001 and 2002 to get Guinness World Record recognition, I was blackmailed into signing legal documents that said Guinness could do whatever they wanted with my records whether I agreed with their agendas or not.
In 2002, Guinness refused to allow me to make the challenge I established, more difficult, by adding more distance, numbers, reps, miles, weight, ect, to the challenge. They said it was already too dangerous for anyone to be attempting.
In 2005 and 2008, one must assume for safety and business purposes, Guinness allowed inferior standards, rules, and event changes to be called a record. I don’t even recognize the events and rules they are using. It’s nothing like my records.
English locals were then awarded inferior records, and claiming it as my records. Why did they do this?
Guinness has since, shamefully had to take some records away from these frauds due to the obviousness of their cheating.

More Guinness World Record books are sold in the UK than anywhere else. Therefore, it is only good business that locals hold as many of these records as possible. This makes them not world records but club records if you are going to change rules and regulations to favor the local population. This is good business for a club selling books. But it has nothing to do with Truth or True World Records. I have heard stories of Guinness WR claims over a number of punches and kicks to a bag. Small children have done the same thing in Martial Arts classes to get to the next level. And these guys are counting this as Guinness World Records? Any True Martial Artist has too much dignity and pride to call that a record. It is shameful claiming taps to a bag that can’t hit back as a record. Don’t you have any pride or dignity at all ? Or are you so starved for attention that you are willing to make Guinness a beer, your God, just to get into their book as many times as you can.

Sure, I needed Guinness and the reporters at first, and they got something in return. They got a higher World Record standard for fitness, speed, strength, endurance, quickness and pure power. These Records are still unmatched in History, four times, in four consecutive years. I only purposely involved Guinness in 2001 and 2002.
In return I, The WFC and The WFC Workout, The World’s Fittest Workout, got worldwide notoriety.

I’ve never really cared for the Guinness book. You could be sandwiched between 2 pages of world’s largest pancake on one side, and world’s largest booger on the other. Who wants that? Those comments in 2001 didn’t win me any favor with Guinness.
I received a letter from Guinness on April 9, 2002 that my record was accepted by Guinness but may or may not be in their book.
I was assured it would be in their “database” for record keeping. Whatever that means. It was further explained to me that my record was “dangerous”. They said it was like free climbing to the top of El Capitan, people read it, they try it, and they die, giving Guinness a black eye.

There was nothing I could do about it. It’s their club and I had already signed their blackmailing contract and I already had record recognition and the notoriety. No one could ever take that away from me.
Guinness World Record membership number: 10529.
Guinness World Record claim numbers:
2001 Guinness World Record Claim ID 17538.
2002 Guinness World Record Claim ID 27908.

At least there was a purpose for my records in helping people get fit in an effort to fight heart disease and obesity.
And yes, I have other records, over 150 different records. Some are as mundane as track and field records, road races (1 mile to half marathons) triathlons, cycling, and other mixed sports. I have a few swimming records and I never thought of myself as a good swimmer. They are all associated with distance swimming and training for the 4 World Records, crossing lakes, swims for charity, things like that. I even swam across a lake and back 3 miles to raise money for an animal rescue shelter. Another time, I cycled and ran around a lake, 58.2 miles to raise money for an accident victim, to pay her hospital bills. There are many other charity/record athletic events. I even have several World Records in weight lifting. They too are all associated with the 4 World Records. It was all just competition, training and recreation to me, but people do count all those course, track and meet records.

Yes, many of these other records are World Records, but as I said on the Guinness WR Page of the WFC Fitness Site since 2002, they fall far into the “who cares” category. Records like, fastest punches and kicks. I don’t make a big deal out of those because how do we know a Martial Artists centuries ago was not as fast, before the invention of electronic equipment for measuring speed. Some other records are 1,250 Push Ups, 1,250 Leg Lifts, 1,250 Jumping Jacks in 57 min. 3 sec. Each performed correctly the WFC way not “short arming” the Guinness way, as seen on their old TV show. Another record 3,250 Sit Ups, and 300,000 Pounds Lifted, (bench press, seated row, lat pulls, curls, triceps extension, 30,000 pound minimum each discipline), in 58 min. 7 sec., all performed correctly, perfect crunches, and full lifts the WFC way, not the Guinness way. Other records include a combined 2 Mile Swim, in a 25 yard pool, (many turns), 12 mile run, 12 mile hike, rowing records from 2 miles and up to 20 miles.
Hiking and climbing four states highest peaks in record time. But how do we know some local First American didn’t do it faster 500 years ago before stopwatches were invented. We’re not even going to talk about all the separate calisthenics, pull ups, dips, upside down hanging sit ups, push ups (5 different kinds), and sit ups records I have, as compared to the claims in the Guinness books. The list goes on, again, like tapping on a bag that can’t hit back and calling it a record, who cares.

Apparently some people see Guinness as a “God”. I see it as a beer. I do not get my validation from a beer and never applied for Guinness recognition. I did it for my training and to prove to myself that I could do it. It was all a stepping stone preparing me for The 4 WFC World Records. As far as I was concerned no one else would ever know about these lesser records. I didn’t want to be known as a “freak of nature”. I understand some people want to be famous, but that’s not me. I want The WFC Workout to be famous, because it works, and it helps people.

Like any company, club, or media, Guinness has it’s own agendas and it has that right. The US, UK, European and the International public have a right to disprove and call out these false claims of records claiming to be the best.
Fortunately other International World Record organizations and associations have proudly recognized the WFC, our World Records standards, rules and events in their databases and websites. They have not and will not recognize these false club record holders. They were so false, even Guinness had to go back and take the world/club record away from competitors after not being able to provide the proof of their claims. To date, Guinness still has one more claimant to investigate, as thoroughly as they did me. However, since he is a local, Guinness will possibly never do it. It’s good business for them not to. This claim has been investigated by other credible world record organizations, and is not recognized.

I was asked why I never had trust in Guinness and why I formed The WFC. Fair question. When I petitioned Guinness in 2001, about my World Record attempt, they gave me false information 3 times and never gave the same information twice. Guinness purposely tried to mislead me from that record. When I confronted them, and asked them directly about Joe Decker’s record, it was only then they gave me a straight answer and correct information. I needed Guinness acceptance of my challenge to the record I was going for and I finally got it. That was when I decided to form the WFC. If I was going to risk my life, I was not going to risk it for an organization that any wind could blow to their own agenda.

Doing something no one has ever dared to attempt before, risking my life, proving science, and the critics of the time wrong is a big deal. They said in 2001, “no one can complete these events and survive”. Being the first and only one to ever do these events. Being the founder, creator and pioneer of it all, The WFC has become my legacy. A legacy to be proud of, and worth defending. It’s a legacy Guinness should have more respect for.

WFC 1 and WFC 2 was created for these fake record holders to come out of their hiding places and be a man.
The time had come for them to put up or shut up, and compete head to head against me.
They all chose to shut up and stay in their hiding places, where it was safe, hoping they would never be exposed.

In the Fall of 2010, I received a message from one of these frauds handlers, asking me “not to be so hard on these blokes”.
He confirmed every word I said was accurate and true, therefore these “blokes” will not compete against me. He admitted to inaccurate equipment, and rules, standards, events and distances were ignored or changed and significantly lessened.

Now that I had the satisfaction and confirmation of being right he recommended I remove this article, and fully cooperate with their story because they had all the support necessary from the corporation, as well as their endorsement, partnership and sponsorship. He also stated that, “it is not what you accomplish in life, it’s what you can get others to believe what you have accomplished in life that matters”.
I couldn’t disagree more. He then suggested that I “get on board” with their plan or I would have negative press written about me.
LOL, it’s not the first time I’ve had negative press for non conformance, but I think that was supposed to be a threat of some sort.
I wouldn’t have taken it, but you would think he would have at least offered me a bribe at this point.
They have corporate backing and a watered down version of a completely changed, fake record.
We have the truth, The WFC Rules and Standards, and recognition from other World Record publications.
These publications will never recognize these frauds because of their lack of rules, standards and proof.
Besides all that, Guinness awarding the record to these frauds and later removing them when their cheating was exposed and then sweeping the incident under the rug speaks for itself. For the international community their refusal to compete against me man to man says it all. If you want to be the man, you have to take on and beat the man, not run, hide and lie.

I have been asked by reporters. “If someone like you, a clone of you for example, same fights, battles, struggles, sacrifices, training, everything. Those that know you say he couldn’t break your World Records. Why?”
Because to do what I did you had to have an immeasurable motivational edge, and I did. It’s deeply personal and spiritual and I’ll never tell a reporter about it, a reporter couldn’t get it right if I did. For everyone else it will hopefully be in a book someday, but probably not. Some things are not for the public.
That’s how I knew these claims were false. Maybe not all records are made to be broken. It certainly wasn’t broken by these frauds.
Many of you have asked these questions and you have a right to know the truth, so there it is.
I do ask God to forgive these frauds and their handlers for purposely deceiving the public.

For me, this has always been about helping people to be fit, and fight heart disease and obesity.
To prove I had the knowledge to help people with fitness and conditioning, I had to do something no one in history has ever done before, or since, and that’s why I did it.
The rest, as I said in an interview is like being the world’s tallest midget, who cares.