The WFC Rules

The World Fitness Challenge is  Men/Women.

1 Mile Swim
5 Mile Run
5 Mile Hike
250 Pop-Ups
250 Knee Lifts

50 Mile Cycle
10 Mile Row
10 Mile Elliptical
1,500 Crunches
150,000 Pounds Lifted

The World Fitness Championship is Men Only

2 Mile Swim
10 Mile Run
10 Mile Hike
500 Pop-Ups
500 Knee Lifts 

100 Mile Cycle
20 Mile Row
20 Mile Elliptical
3,000 Crunches
300,000 Pounds Lifted


1) Swim will be in a 25 meter pool, or less.

2) Run and Hike will be outdoors unless lightning, or hail stones; otherwise, an indoor treadmill will be used. You can walk during the run, but you can not run during the hike. No “pace runners” during run. One “aid” is allowed during the hike to provide liquids and foods.

3) The first 3 events must be completed in order. The Pop-Ups, and the Knee Lifts, can be done in any order (10 each, 5 each, ect…) but must be completed before moving on to the 6th event. Pop-Ups, are a modified squat thrust. Standing with hands on hips, with legs apart, go to push-up position, feet can be no more than 1 foot apart, then, pop-up to your feet, with legs as wide as you wish, and put hands to hips, and repeat. Knee Lifts are from a hanging position, with legs straight, and lift both knees to your sternum, and repeat, (gloves recommended)

4) 100 Mile Cycle, 20 Mile Row, 20 Mile Elliptical, can be performed in any order (10 miles, 2 miles, 2 miles for example, ect…), but must be completed before moving on to the final 2 events. For safety purposes, cycling and rowing will be performed on machines, indoors.

5) Each exercise, pop-up, knee lift, crunch, and weight lifted, will be performed correctly, or it will not be counted. Anyone arguing with an official will be disqualified, and removed from the premises.

6) Crunches and Weights can be performed in any order.

7) Weights used will be (again for safety purposes) at participants choice, 5 pounds,10 pounds, 25 pounds, 50 pounds or 100 pounds only this is for the speed of counting, and will not slow your progress, while lifting.

8) The weight disciplines used will be,: Bench Press, Seated Rows, Lat Pull, Triceps Extensions, and Curls, only, no exceptions. A 30,000 pound minimum of each discipline will be enforced.

9) All NCAA, and I.O.C. drug rules will be in effect.

10) Behavior Code. Anyone arguing with an official, or exhibiting unruly behavior will be disqualified and removed from the premises. If you can do this, you are exceptional, and are expected to behave in such a manner.

11) Honor Code of the WFC./ For all participants, and any aid, if allowed, you are signing for them. I give my word of honor and my worth as a human being to follow all the rules and regulations of the WFC, and I will perform all the exercises, distances and disciplines, correctly and fully, or I will be disqualified, with the consequences that come with that, including, media reports. I further agree, that if I am asked to take a break, or end my attempt at this challenge, I will do so without delay. I also agree, if I become too tired, or too ill to continue, I will remove myself from competition, no matter the encouragement.

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