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World Fitness Champion

World Fitness Champion
Rob Powell always says, “It’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s how fast you get up, and get back in the fight”.
This is something Rob learned at age 12 when he was in a serious riding accident at the ranch.
This was when his first ambulance ride took him to his first hospital, where he was told he would be a cripple and never walk right again.
He was also told he would never be an athlete, or ever have a normal life. Those that believed these doctors could not have been more wrong.
Today, Rob is known internationally as the 4 Time WFC World Champion, 4 Time WFC/Guinness World Record Holder, and the
4 Time World Fitness Champion from 2001-2004. No one has legitimately come close to these physically and mentally tough performances setting the standard as the uncontested and irrefutable World’s Toughest Sport. Rob Powell has over 150 Course and World Records involving Fitness, Running, Cycling, Swimming, Rowing, Climbing, Hiking, Triathlons, Weightlifting, Calisthenics, Track and Field, and Martial Arts. He also has over 1,000 Wins as an athlete and coach. The Guinness World Records he shattered, and the Sport he created THE WFC World Fitness Championships measures Pure Power by testing an athletes Speed, Strength, Endurance, and Quickness. These Events Include….
(Please read this second half where Rob finally gets to reply to all the media comments, that was spoken, and recorded, but never printed. Read this entire page before making judgements.)
  • 1) 2 Mile Swim
  • 2) 12 Mile Run
  • 3) 12 Mile Hike
  • 4) 1,250 Push Ups
  • 5) 1,250 Leg Lifts
  • 6) 1,250 Jumping Jacks
  • 7) 110 Mile Cycle
  • 8) 20 Mile Row
  • 9) 20 Mile Elliptical
  • 10) 3,250 Abdominal Crunches
  • 11) Lift 300,000 Pounds of Weight
  • (Upper Body Only: Bench Press, Seated Row, Lat Pull, Curls, Triceps Extension, 30,000 pound minimum of each discipline)
Completed in: 22:11:40, 19:17:38, 18:36:15, and 17:45:03.
See Guinness WR Page, and WFC Page for more information.

All the events were witnessed by dozens of people, including nine WFC and Guinness Certified Officials. Every second was videotaped, capturing each and every discipline event by event, mile by mile, and lift by lift. Rob was asked by Guinness to record and write the rules that he used. These rules and events remain the Standard for Fitness, the Standard for the WFC World Records, and Guinness World Record’s 2001-2002 Physical Fitness Challenge.

THE WFC or other credible organizations will not recognize any attempt not following the Rules & Standards set by Rob Powell. No one would refuse to follow these Rules and Standards, unless they had something to hide. See Events and Rules on WFC WR and Guinness WR pages for more information.

These records and accomplishments and the Sport Rob Powell created, The World Fitness Championship, have set in motion today’s much lesser and safer events of multi-sport/optical course races and crossfit competitions.

For many years law enforcement officers, military elite and MMA fighters have sought out Coach Powell in gyms, fitness centers and even public schools for martial arts training, and proper conditioning. Why wouldn’t they with these credentials and the proven best training programs in history. Rob has also coached jr. high, high school, college and professional athletes in several sports.

Media outlets internationally have called Rob Powell “The World’s Fittest Man”, (a title once held by Martial Artist Bruce Lee),
“The World’s Toughest Man”, “The World’s Best Athlete”, “The World’s Greatest Athlete” and “Pound for Pound The Strongest Athlete and Fighter In History”, as well as “The Best Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer on the planet”.

When asked about this, Rob laughed at it all, and said. “Very flattering, but how did they measure all of that? These world records do prove you do know the best ways to train and help people. However, you don’t get a lot of love for accomplishments like this, but you do get a lot of hate. They seem to inspire jealousy, intimidation and hatred from the weak minded. Which unfortunately, is way more than one would imagine. But that’s a them problem.

The media make and record these claims and titles based on these athletic performances. It seems that the critics, fans, and the media all agree on, as they put it. ‘Rob Powell is not Jordan, James, Ruth, Brady, Bolt or Phelps, or any other great athlete in their particular field. But he was an extremely successful athlete in these sports, as well as a very successful coach in these sports, and other sports.

In other words, Rob can do what they do, but they can not do what Rob does. Even if many of these athletes combined forces and split up the events in a relay race against Rob, they still couldn’t beat him in a head to head, them vs. him competition’. That shut the door on the ‘World’s Greatest Athlete’ argument, and they swept it under the rug hoping no one would notice, and no one has for the most part.

However, for the record, the only thing Rob Powell ever claimed to be is ‘a beat up ‘ol cowboy’. The MEDIA has named me, ‘The World’s Greatest Athlete’, and all the other accolades, NOT ME. So please direct your hate, petty jealousy and insecurities towards them, and stop hitting me with your preconceived notions, assumptions and hatred. I have neither earned, nor deserve that kind of treatment or hatefulness. The media simply tagged me with those titles and left me holding the metaphorical bag, to deal with all the hate. But that is what the media does.

The day after the first world record, strangers, coworkers, family and friends started looking at and treating me differently. And it wasn’t good, and it still isn’t good, even after retiring from competition. But people are what they are. Everyone I meet either wants to beat me at something, or beat me with something, for the crime of (what is in their mind, not mine) being better than they are. But as we all know, jealousy is an incurable disease. The snide looks, insecurities, pettiness, jealousy and backstabbing is just something I’ve had to learn to live with since 2001.

I believe my tech guy said it best, when he said. ‘If they don’t like you being the world’s greatest athlete, and all the other titles you’ve earned. Let them go break your world records over and over again, like you did. Let them do it without lying about it and cheating, like others have been caught at, if they’re man enough. Then they can break over 150 records in sports, fitness and martial arts like you did too. If they can’t, then they can shut the hell up and treat you with the respect and honor that you deserve and have earned.’

I do get asked about it often, so if you want to know who I am and where it began, my biography is here.
To quote the media, ‘World Records don’t say you’re the best in the World, they say you’re the best in the History of the World.’
The WFC and other credible world record organizations, record these competitions as the greatest athletic performance in history, irrefutably and without question. They also say that makes this person the best athlete in history. Does it? I don’t know and I couldn’t care less. That’s not what any of this was about. None of this was about me, it was about teaching the public how to train properly, get America back in shape, and live a richer, fuller life.

My only goal was to help people. If you make extraordinary claims about the best way to train, get in shape, fight obesity and heart disease for a lifetime, they require extraordinary proof. Breaking the WFC, Guinness and all credible world records four times in a row, annually, setting over 150 records in the process, creating a new sport, (they’re now calling it the cross fit games), spin-off sports, (calling those, ocr, spartan races, ect) and creating a revolutionary training system, this was the best way to do this. So, I did it.
Corporations stole these revolutionary accomplishments from me. They claim my new sport was changed enough to make their theft, ‘legal’. And for now, they have gotten away with it. For now.

I developed The WFC Workout because being in good physical condition helps people live a longer, healthier, happier and more productive lives. This training program also helps athletes become the best they can possibly be. It doesn’t matter if the athlete is jr. high, jr. college, a professional athlete in a major sport or the gym going public. The WFC Workout works for them all. Over 150 records in sports, fitness and martial arts proves it without question. Having over 1,000 wins as an athlete and a coach doesn’t hurt the proof either. Neither does having 1 State Title, 2 Regional Titles, 20 District Titles, 5 City Titles and 2 Bowl Game Wins as a Coach. I have dedicated my life to these endeavors and that is all any of this and all the records have ever been about.

I further proved this by all the charity work I have done over the years raising money for various diseases, including cancer, breast cancer, crippled children, wounded warriors and animal rescue. In doing so, I risked my life and my personal finances numerous times.

I set up this website to avoid talking to the media. I have been retired from competition for years and I am still asked for interviews.
I refuse because they only want to talk about what a ‘freak of nature’ I am, or call me a ‘real mutant’ , a ‘real life Walker Texas Ranger’ or backhand complement as some sort of superhero. That’s silly and made up. I am none of these things.
It is said there has even been talk and a draft done on a comic book based on real events.

When asked for an interview, I politely decline and say every question they could ask is already answered on this site.
When I did do interviews, I found the media makes up their own stories with very little, if any accuracy. Not one time has a fact checker ever called me, not once. I am more than willing to do an interview about the health and fitness crisis in America and the solutions to that problem. That is the only question I have never been asked. The only reason I broke all these records was to prove I could help people with these problems.

As for the self defense and fighting, I despise violence. I do know how, and I teach those that ask for and need my help to defend themselves and those under their protection from attackers, only. That’s it and that’s all. I created fitness competitions because no one has to get hurt, and it is a better way to see whom is the best man, other than a fight to the death.

When I trained law enforcement and military elite they found me, and asked me for help. The life they save may be yours, or our loved ones. The training I gave them was to help keep them safe in service to our towns, cities, communities, counties, state and our country.
As a coach and teacher, working with our young people, I help them with fitness, and a good education which helps them make good choices and good decisions later in their lives.

One good thing about retiring from competition and father time beating the hell out of me, as he does us all, you get older and uglier.
This makes it easier to hide from who you were as a younger athlete. So now that I’m an older guy, it’s acceptable to forgive me for being called, ‘The World’s Fittest Man’, ‘The World’s Greatest Athlete’, ‘The World’s Toughest Man’ and all the other accolades I’ve been named. None of it was my doing, the media did it all.

In short, I’m fine with you not being a fan of my work. I don’t need or want your approval. My accomplishments are not your failures.
Its just something I did to prove I know how to help people, a lot of people, so I did, and I am still helping a lot of people.
So unless you are one of those being helped, all of my accomplishments and efforts have nothing to do with you at all, nothing.
So you really should stop trying to punish me for them. It makes you look so petty.

All I want to do now before my time is done is to share this information, and teach it to younger athletes and coaches.
I believe that is all any good man would want to do with the gifts that God gave him.”

Rob Powell retired from competition in 2012, and from training military/law enforcement in 2015. If you can find him, he rarely, if ever, takes on clients for personal training, coaching and martial arts instruction.