Martial Arts / Nok Beko created by Rob Powell

To this day people find Rob and want him to train them in the martial arts. Rarely can they convince him.
Mostly they are military and police officers, sometimes they are MMA fighters.
If Rob trains them, when they leave, they are better able to defend themselves, friends, family, city, county, state, or country.

For many years he has been asked about Nok Beko. It is a First American term meaning “not this one”.
If you are looking for a victim, or someone you can defeat, Nok Beko, “not this one”.

It is true he was a bodyguard, and it is true that is how he met his former wife. Some say he was a mercenary.
No, absolutely not true. He was never a member of any military. In the past he simply trained many law enforcement officers and military elite when he was asked for his help.

He started his martial arts training at age 4, and was teaching by age 16.
Rob says Grappling is great, unless you have 2 or more attacking you, he knows, he’s been there.
Punches and kicks are great, until you are taken off your feet.

Nok Beko starts with a system very close to Muey Thai, or Thai Boxing, or Kickboxing.
(punches, kicks, knees, elbows, headbutts, and blocks and counters of each)
Next, is a system similar to Bruce Lee’s ”Jeet Kune Do”.
(attack of pressure points and joints, causing loss of movement to the area attacked)
Next are the Grappling Arts.(sweeps, throws, joint locks, choking out, and ground and pound)
Next, you put it all together and become an expert fighter.

In Nok Beko, you are a beginner, until you become an expert.
No belts, the belt system was developed by westerners to charge fees for belt tests.
No original arts had a belt system, you were a white belt, until you were a black belt.
Which means you were a beginner, until you were an expert.

For elite military and police, this takes us to our next and final division.
Weaponry, fighting sticks, staff, bladed weapons and the defense thereof.
Finally, tactics, tracking and outdoor survival.

All this began when he was in college near Reese AFB. Rob taught a fighter pilot and a jet mechanic.
They were friends of his and he was just helping them out. This news went to their Commanding Officer.
Since that time news has spread and he has taught personnel from all military branches.

For Rob, it’s spiritual. It’s an art that keeps him in great shape. It’s a way to give back, by training those that truly need his help.
One reporter called him a humanitarian. Rob laughed and said, “I’ll take that”.
For the record, Rob despises violence but acknowledges that some people will attack the innocent and the innocent must defend themselves. He created fitness competitions because no one has to get hurt, and it is a better way to see whom is the best man.

When it’s all over, all a man really has is the story he leaves behind.
Make yours a great one that inspires and helps others improve their lives.
– Rob Powell