Speaking for myself I do take vitamin/supplements every morning with coffee or juice.
1. One generic aspirin
2. Multivitamin (only take whole food based multis which can be absorbed by the body, where chemical based will not)
3. Calcium/Vitamin D 500-1000 mg (Vitamin D is a hormone, not a vitamin)
4. Krill Oil (the cheaper generic knockoff is fine)
5. Colostrum 650 mg tablet (said to be better in powder form, but I’m not doing the powder)
6. Magnesium Phosphate (the instantly absorbed type)
7. Protandim Nrf2 (a top anti-aging supplement)

If you are interested in doing your own research on vitamins/supplements look at Web MD, Livestrong and Wikipedia.
I look at no less than 3 sources that all have the same and agreeing information.
Talk to your Doctor before you take any vitamin or supplement.

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